Answered By: Tamie Willis
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What is microfilm and microfiche?

Microfilm and microfiche (microform) are film on which very small photographs of the printed pages of a newspaper, magazine, etc., are stored (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). Some of the library's older periodicals (journals, magazines & newspapers)as well as some dissertations are in microform format.

Microfilm are rolls of film stored in boxes and are either shelved in alphabetical order by title on the periodical shelves or with some exceptions (e.g., New York Time newspaper) are shelved in microfilm cabinets on the 3rd floor. Periodicals in microfiche are located in microfiche cabinets on the 3rd floor.   

Microfilm and microfiche viewers and printers are on the 3rd floor of the library. The cost of printing is .05 per page and each printer has a coin box.